Monday, March 14, 2011

Benjamin Tyler Henry

Benjamin Tyler Henry, was the first person to design a reliable repeating riffle. Henry was born in 1821 and died in 1898. In 1859-1860 he finished design for the repeating riffle. At the time he was working for Oliver Winchester who was the owner of New Haven Arms Company. This was the first massed produced, and relaible riffle made.

The repeating riffle was very popular especially during the Civil War. By 1866 the production count for the riffles was around 14,000. For the first time a person could accurately shoot up to 28 rounds a minute; compare that to the muzzle loaders at the time with a rate of fire at 3 rounds per minute. This was a big advantage for a soldier during that time period, because he could spend more time trying to kill the enemy then reloading his gun. The riffle eventually became known as the Henry Riffle and is still being produced today for hunting and sport.



  1. You could probably go more in depth about the actual rifle, such as what was innovative about it, why it was so reliable, etc.

  2. You could also have given some more personal information about the inventor, such as where he is from and what his education was.


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